Chris Parsons, owner of Parsonic Services, with his son and a team mate

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We’re a small, local, family-owned business offering exterior cleaning and lawn and landscape maintenance services.

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Chris Parsons, the owner of Parsonic Services, with his son Leeroy.

Meet Chris Parsons:
Owner of Parsonic Services

Chris is a family man that loves working hard to support his family by offering needed services to his local community. Chris was born and raised in Hoover, AL, and currently lives and operates his business from Bessemer, AL.

Past Logos and Branding

The logo of Mr. Spotless and Co, the original company Parsonic Services operated as.
The logos of Mowing Lawns Properly which was the name of Parsonic Services before they rebranded.
The logo for Parsonic Services featuring their cheetah mascot Leeroy.

Parsonic Services Is The Future

When Chris started his business in 2012, he first named it Mr. Spotless & Co. Mowing Lawns Properly was a very fitting name for his business in 2018, so he updated it then. Over the years, Chris realized there was also a demand for landscape maintenance services and power washing services in the Hoover, AL area.

In 2020, he started tweaking the company logo to better represent the current services his business offered, including creating a dba, or doing business as, named Power Washing Properly. In 2021 the logo was tweaked again before the complete re-brand that occurred in 2022 when Mowing Lawns Properly officially became Parsonic Services.

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